Weltweite Homologation
Experten für Typenzulassung

Live: COVID-19 affecting Global Market Access!

The current increase of Corona infections and the measures to keep them at minimum level are severely affecting all stages in social and economic life.

With the rise of complexity in the international context, it is crucial to have real-time accessible information, allowing you to focus on dependable planning and communicating with involved project stakeholders.

As the leading company in International Type Approval, and your number one source for market access strategy management and regulatory compliance IB-Lenhardt AG wish to contribute their commitment to monitor and summarize the latest situation at international approval authorities.

The map below give you instant understanding where to expect delay in Authority response and workflow. All information is updated as soon as we receive it and shared immediately.

Be sure that IB-Lenhardt AG will take meticulous care to deliver newest available information.


Country Status Closes Opens Comment

Last overall update: . All times given in Berlin timezone (UTC+2).

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