Worldwide Homologation
Type Approval Specialists


Calculate wavelength for a known frequency (Free Space)
MHz λ (m)

Calculate VSWR from Forward and Reverse Power
Forward Power (W) VSWR
Reverse Power (W)
Forward Power (dBm) VSWR
Reverse Power (dBm)

Calculate radiated magnetic field from a loop antenna (Low frequency, Close proximity)
Loop Antenna Diameter (m) pT
Loop Antenna Windings (N) dBpT
Current into Loop Antenna (A) Tesla
Distance from Loop Antenna (m) Gauss

Calculate Power Density & Field Level (Far Field)
Power into Antenna (W) W/m^2
Antenna Gain (dBi) dBμV/m
Distance from Antenna (m) V/m

Calculate Power to Generate a Known Field (Far Field)
Required Field (V/m) W
Antenna Gain (dBi)
Distance from Antenna (m)

Calculate Circular Waveguide Attenuation
Frequency (MHz) dB
Diameter (mm)
Length (mm)

Calculate Gain from Antenna Factor (50 Ω system)
Antenna Factor (dB/m) dBi
Frequency (MHz)

Convert mW/cm^2 to pJ/cm^2 (Free Space)
mW/m^2 pJ/cm^2

Convert pJ/cm^2 to mW/cm^2 (Free Space)
pJ/cm^2 mW/cm^2

Convert dBm to W (50 Ω system)
dBm W

Convert W to dBm (50 Ω system)
W dBm

Convert dBm to V (50 Ω system)
dBm V

Convert V to dBm (50 Ω system)
V dBm

Convert dBm to dBμV (50 Ω system)
dBm dBμV

Convert dBμV to dBm (50 Ω system)
dBμV dBm
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