IB-Lenhardt AG


The declared goals of IB-Lenhardt AG are to deliver maximum quality to our customers and to implement the projects unproblematically using the latest technology and our own developed software TAMSys®.

An essential prerequisite for keeping these promises, but also for averting damage to IB-Lenhardt AG, is on the one hand compliance with legal provisions and the binding internal regulations introduced to supplement them. This is complemented by living and exemplifying basic values and ethical standards as well as honesty and integrity.

Our Code of Conduct comprises binding principles of conduct that must be observed by each individual.

With this fundamental value concept, we contribute to securing our long-term corporate success.

It applies to all employees and also to the subsidiaries of IB-Lenhardt AG. It is not only important that it is worked out, written down and trained, but also that all employees, from management to trainees, live and breathe it. It is also the basis for our sustainability management.

The Supervisory Board as the reviewing body is closely involved in compliance and risk management. The review of the principles of conduct and the compliance guidelines is also the subject of regular reporting by the Management Board to the Supervisory Board and the annual strategy meeting of the Supervisory Board.

Compliance has become increasingly important, especially in recent years; it is a part of the company and a requirement for a good cooperation based on partnership.

All suppliers must stand by our Code of Conduct and sign it. You can also find further information on our About us page.