Automotive Radio Testing & Certification

Complex systems require qualified testing services - with our service solutions, you can obtain the right certifications for your global target markets in accordance with the relevant legal requirements for your component homologation.
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Product Homologation

Access to the Global Automotive Market

The trend towards autonomous driving requires highly complex sensors and radars. Advanced radar technology, as one of the key technologies in the automotive industry, is expected to contribute to the realization of fully autonomous driving. However, in order for these innumerable, increasingly complex electronic systems to function flawlessly, extensive testing is necessary to ensure maximum safety and reliable operation.

Do you want to launch your product on the world market and need a component type approval for it? Then you are in the best hands with us. Our experience and professional know-how ensure that all the necessary processes are completed quickly.

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International Certifications

Worldwide Type Approval

With our established processes we guarantee a smooth and fast market access. Our experienced experts support you in the evolution of your product and give you comprehensive advice. Learn more about Certification Bodies.

CE (Europe)

Ready for the European Market


Complete the US Type Approval Process


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Complex Automotive Technologies

Areas of Application of our Homologation Services

Assistent Systems (ADAS)

Vehicle radar systems in frequency ranges of 77 and 79 GHz, such as distance and blind spot radars, parking and lane assist systems


Kick sensors, tire pressure sensors, radio remote control, keyless entry/go, 60 GHz in-cabin radar monitoring, garage door openers


Bluetooth hands-free, Apple Carplay/Android Auto, GNSS, C2C (car-to-car communication), wireless charging (Qi)


Execution of Regulatory Testing

Our comprehensive product testing and certification services in our accredited laboratory guarantee full compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Radio Testing
    Proof of compliance with latest regulatories and conformity of your product

    Securing reliable, trouble-free operation of your device

  • Electrical Safety
    Ensuring the safe operation of an electrical product

  • Environment
    Resistance of your products to temperature and humidity

  • Qi - Wireless Charging
    Securing interoperability for contactless charging of wireless devices

Mark of Conformity of the Federal Motor Transport Authority

Approval according to ECE-R10

Legislation requires compliance with the essential requirements for electromagnetic compatibility according to Directives 2014/30/EU or ECE-R10.

All electrical products that are attached to motor vehicles require approval according to ECE-R10, which describes the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of products. In the test, it is tested whether the emission of interference of the product or the received interference such as radio lies within the limit values. The marking (ECE test mark) is made with a small "e" and a number in a circle and indicates that a component on the vehicle has been approved according to EU regulations.

Depending on the market conditions and the functionality of these products, different approval procedures may be required. In addition to the accreditation DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018, IB Lenhardt AG also has the accreditation of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) and is therefore authorized to perform the EMC tests according to ECE-R10 for you. We accompany you in all EMC measures of conformity assessment and product validation. Thanks to these services, you as a company will receive more efficient, more powerful and higher quality testing services.

Competence and Know-How

Advantages of Working with IB-Lenhardt AG

As international certification provider we offer performance testing for any wireless product for vehicles. We support you in the global market access of your automotive products, to ensure compliance for the target market.

Automotive expertise

Cooperation with leading automotive suppliers

Established processes

Fast processing time and full transparency during the certification process

Reliable test results

Reduction of costs and prevention of compliance risks

Global Market Access

Homologation and Certification in our test lab guarantee full compliance


Professional project management anytime and anywhere
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  • Documents neatly archived and available at any time

  • Project status can be checked in real time and worldwide

  • User-friendly interface and easy handling

  • As a customer of IB-Lenhardt AG you use TAMSys free of charge

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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about the homologation process

What is Automotive Testing?

Automotive testing puts full vehicles, components and systems through a series of laboratory, virtual and 'real world' assessments to ensure it is safe, reliable and compliant with safety regulations.

What does homologation mean?

Homologation is the granting of approval by an official authority. This may be a court of law, a government department, or an academic or professional body, any of which would normally work from a set of rules or standards to determine whether such approval should be given.

Why is Vehicle Testing important?

Vehicle Homologation is important for compliance. Products must meet the safety requirements to receive access to the global automotive market. Homologation ensures the reliability and safety of the components, systems and full vehicles.

How is a car homologated for another country?

In order to homologate a vehicle, a sample must be supplied for evaluation, supported by a large body of documented evidence provided by the original manufacturer, including inspection and test reports compiled by recognized laboratories or inspection authorities.

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Type Approval Process

Our Experts Will Gladly Advise You

Get in touch with us. We will develop with you a customized validation process for your automotive product, tailored to your needs. With our established processes we guarantee a smooth and fast market access. Our experienced experts support you in the evolution of your product and give you comprehensive advice.

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