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Addition to News from 2020-01-21 ICTA released new Directives

, 16.03.2020

Please be informed that we gained additional information regarding ICTA's new Directive from October 2019.

As we informed in January 2020, ICTA (Information & Communication Technologies Authority) in Mauritius released a directive that short range devices for Transport and Traffic Telematics, such as Automobile sensors and Keyless entry systems, are exempted from Type Approval. 

The ICTA categorized ICT equipment in 7 categories: List A-G. Short range devices are now Category C devices and therefore subject to a Declaration of compliance issued by local licensed dealers. At the first step local importers need to register at the ICTA as local licensed dealers. With our support, they are able to issue a DoC on basis of the technical information. This DoC is crucial for getting an import clearance.

According to the authority the certificates acquired previously in Mauritius cannot be used for import to Mauritius anymore as the local licensed dealer needs to apply for import clearance for every shipment individually.

We'll gladly support you in getting your import clearance. Please don't hesitate to contact us.