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New validity period for type approval certificate

DR Congo
DR Congo
, 14.07.2020

As previously released as an advanced notice on 26th of September 2019, the new regulation regarding the validity period of type approval certificates has come into force.

L’Autorité de Régulation de la Poste et des Télécommunications du Congo (ARPTC) has recently published the decision 065/ARPTC/CLG/2019

The approval of terminal equipment or radio installation is now granted for varying durations with equipment being classified into 6 categories

  1. Equipment connected to telecommunications networks and radio transmitters (Validity: 5 years)

  2. Landline and mobile phones. Low power equipment (Validity: 2 years)

  3. All other equipment different from the first two categories containing a radio module (Validity: 2 years)

  4. Receivers, reception decoders (Validity: 2 years)

  5. Antennas (Validity: 5 years)

  6. All other equipment not listed in categories 1-5 (Validity: 2 years)

The renewal will be done under the same conditions.


The new regulation also indicates marking rerquirements. The equipment must be labelled prior to marketing by the applicant, with an irremovable label including the following information:

• Approval number and date

• Identification of the model and batch or serial number

• Manufacturer or supplier identification

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