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Prohibited equipment

, 20.03.2018

On 2018-03-14, the INCM (National Institute of Communication of Mozambique) published a letter informing the manufacturers, importers and users of electrocommunication and telecommunication equipment that the import, use and commercialization of the following devices are prohibited in the country;

  1. Devices operating in the frequency band 1900MHz- 2100MHz (reserved for cell phones)
  2. Telecommunication equipment used for fraudulent purpose (such as SIM boxes)
  3. Equipment representing a risk for the health or for terrestrial, maritime or aeronautical mobile services
  4. Equipment without a Declaration for Import from the INCM
  5. Equipment not homologated or certified by the INCM
  6. Equipment which didn't undergo a technical evaluation from the INCM. Any not homologated equipment will be confiscated by the INCM.