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Wi-Fi 7 Update from RRA Korea

South Korea
South Korea
, 17.04.2024
National Radio Research Authority make notice for Wi-Fi 7 conformity assessments and test methods.
Flagge von Süd-Korea

The IB-Lenhardt AG Trusted Partner for South Korea has published the following notice from the National Radio Research Authority RRA regarding the Wi-Fi 7 compliance assessment and technical standards (test methods).

Schedule for the announcement of technical standards and test methods for Wi-Fi 7:

1) Terms such as Wi-Fi or 802.11be shall not be used in test reports and conformity assessment related documents (user manuals, etc.).

2) Terms such as Wi-Fi 7 or 802.11be shall not be used in product sales or advertising.

3) The test method follows the current KS X3123, but the signal bandwidth can be tested up to 160 MHz and the modulation method up to 4096 QAM.

4) Unique features of Wi-Fi 7 such as MLO (Multi-Link Operation), MRU (Multi-RU) & Puncturing cannot be tested or used.

5) When technical standards and test methods are announced in the future, retesting and changes must be reported to be consistent with the content of the announcement.

We will keep you informed as soon as we have more information on this topic. Further information on the new Wi-Fi 7 functions can be found here.