From Start-up to Global Player

We have grown from a start-up to a stable, attractive and continuously growing company with a clear vision to satisfy and enthuse our customers and employees in the long term.

Upcoming: ISO27001 + TISAX

Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange


Kraftfahrbundesamt Technical Service for ECE-R-10

Foundation of IB-Lenhardt Inc.

Foundation of the US subsidiary IB-Lenhardt Inc. with headquarters in San Jose, California.

Expansion of test capacities

Two additional test halls for wireless and EMC laboratory

Authorized Test Lab for Qi-Charging

WPC Wireless Power Consortion (Qi-Charging) - Authorized Test Lab

January 14: FCC lists IBL-Lab GmbH as accredited test firm

Another step has been taken. As an FCC-accredited testing laboratory, we now have international competence. As of now, we can offer all relevant regulatory tests and certifications according to standard-compliant and FCC-approved procedures that are necessary to start the FCC approval process for a product.

December 23: DAkkS Accreditation EMC- and Radio laboratory with full scope

We are happy to be able to offer from now on the full scope of EMC certification according to international standards with the most modern equipment of our laboratory by receiving the DAkkS accreditation.

Bluetooth® qualification and testing services

Thanks to our competent, qualified and specialized employees, since this year we are also able to offer Bluetooth qualification and testing services.

New building of radio and safety laboratory

With the new building of our radio and safety laboratory, the IBL-Lab GmbH will be able to offer our customers the complete product portfolio in the middle of the year. Support during development and pre-certification tests are as much a part of the offer as radio, safety and EMC tests as well as a multitude of conformity tests.

IBL-Lab GmbH DAkkS-accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, Start Safety Testing

Now the time has finally come. The IBL-Lab GmbH receives the accrediatation according to IEC 17025 and starts the first safety tests for our customers at the end of the year.

Move to our new administration building in St. Ingbert

Thanks to our growth, the premises at the Innovationspark at the Beckerturm become too small and the IB-Lenhardt AG builds a 5-storey administration building with space for approximately 100 employees at the St. Ingbert location. The move takes places in May 2019.

Subsidiary IB-Lenhardt KK in Tokyo, Japan

Thanks to our successful establishment on the Japanese market, our Japanese customers demand our presence. For this reason, we are founding the IB-Lenhardt KK located in Tokyo.

Foundation of the IBL-Lab GmbH

Within the range of our services, our customers miss the offering of testing services. Therefore, with the establishment of the IBL-Lab GmbH, we intend to be able to offer regulatory testing in the near future.

Certification according to ISO 9001:2015

A further step to ensure our high quality standards is the certification according to ISO 9001:2015. Continuous improvement processes as well as constant expansion are part of our top quality objectives.

Foundation of the KL-Certification GmbH

One of the considerations was to offer the services of the Certification Bodies to our customers. The foundation of the KL-Certification GmbH is established with two Notified Bodies for the EU. In addition to NB, TCB and FCB, the KL-Certification GmbH also offers numerous workshops and consulting services.

Introduction of a quality management system and compliance guidelines

By creating clear structures and processes as well as our own quality standards, we implement our quality management system and the highly important compliance guidelines in 2016 and are living them.

Transformation from sole proprietorship to IB-Lenhardt AG (incorporated company)

The constant and continuous growth makes it inevitable to change the legal form according to the requirements of the company itself and of our customers. The implementation of our goals to ensure long-term capacities, to follow a healthy growth and to establish ourselves as a constant on the market leads to the decision to convert to an incorporated company.

Strong growth, initial considerations to expand our portfolio

Due to its strong growth, the company is assuming an ever-increasing role in the leading league of the type approval world. Initial considerations are being made to expand the portfolio.

Implementation of our software TAMSys® at our customers

IB-Lenhardt AG arouses enthusiasm among its customers, who can finally work in a modern and reliable way. Excel lists are more and more a thing of the past. Thanks to a strong and experienced IT department, it’s possible to implement customer-specific adjustments in TAMSys®.

Development of the unique and innovative software TAMSys® for controlling and monitoring projects

From the very beginning, Daniel Lenhardt had the vision to create clear and simple processes as well as a system in which these processes, products and projects can be controlled and monitored.

Foundation of the company by Daniel Lenhardt, start-up with five employees

At the call of well-known suppliers as well as OEM from the automotive sector and after many years of experience in the field of international certifications Daniel Lenhardt decides to start his own international type approval business.