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The Bluetooth certification is the key for the successful market entry of your Bluetooth products. With the support of IB-Lenhardt AG your company will reach this goal faster and more secure. You benefit from the many years of experience of our experts and the excellent testing services of our subsidiary IBL-Lab GmbH.
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Bluetooth SIG Approval

Bluetooth SIG Marking for your Bluetooth Devices

For devices that use this innovative technology, you need certification according to the specifications of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). This is a community of interest that promotes the harmonization of networked devices. IB-Lenhardt AG, in cooperation with Carsten Steinröder's partner company, offers you valuable support in the demanding qualification of your products. Above all, you benefit from the identification and organization of the required inspections and tests. Thereby you achieve faster market access and avoid the risk of high costs due to errors in the qualification process.

Your Market Access for Products with Bluetooth Technology

In order to market devices using the Bluetooth technology you have to join the Bluetooth SIG. If such products are the exception in your range, you can register as an adopter with the SIG free of charge. Otherwise, associate membership, which comes with an annual fee, is more beneficial. In this case, the cost of tools and the declaration fees for your products are significantly lower.

The further procedure depends on whether you want to integrate already certified components into your product or market them under your company name, or whether you develop and manufacture corresponding products yourself. In the first case, you only need to specify the listed components or devices during qualification, which are then listed with reference to your membership number. Otherwise, the qualification process includes additional testing according to SIG specifications. Testing requirements depend on the product types to which your products are assigned. After successfully passing the qualification program, you register your product with the community of interest and pay the declaration fee. The product will then be listed and you will be allowed to use the logo.

Our Services

IB-Lenhardt AG accompanies you through the entire certification process from the very beginning. First and foremost, we provide you with the definition of the qualification and testing requirements for your products. For the test plan creation we use Launch Studio, SIG's user interface designed for this purpose. We then organize the required tests. After reviewing the compliance folder with the evidence and test reports, we take care of uploading the test certificate. If you wish, we will take charge of the payment of the listing fee for you. Contact us and benefit from a fast qualification process of your equipment by working with experienced professionals.

Bluetooth SIG Qualification Process

We support you with comprehensive consulting from the beginning of your project to the completion of the entire process.

01Definition of qualification and testing requirements
02Test plan creation with Bluetooth® SIG Launch Studio
03Performance and control of necessary tests
04Reviewing the Compliance Folder with the evidence and test reports
05Uploading the test certificate and completion of the process

Background of Bluetooth SIG certification

The technology was developed to enable wireless communication over short distances between computers and peripheral devices. Thanks to numerous further developments, it has established in the data transmission of many IT systems. The exchange of information between components of control loops in industry, the transmission of audio files to loudspeakers or the use in smartphones and hands-free systems are just a few examples.

By qualifying the devices through testing and verification, the SIG stakeholder group achieves that all devices are compatible with each other and that the minimum requirements for safety, quality and effectiveness are met when using the brand name. In addition, brand owners secure their copyrights. The stakeholder group lists all companies that are allowed to use Bluetooth technology and all qualified products. The basis for certification is the specifications, which precisely define the requirements for the devices and the prescribed tests and inspections. The community of interest accredits independent consultants, the Bluetooth Qualification Consultants (BQCs), after appropriate tests. Their task is to support potential users of the technology who want to go through the demanding qualification program. IB-Lenhardt AG is glad to provide you with an experienced, reliable BQC for the qualification of your products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Bluetooth SIG

What does the Bluetooth SIG marking mean?

With the marking, manufacturers and dealers confirm that their devices meet the requirements of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Users can see from the marking that their devices are faultless in terms of data security, quality and efficiency. The brand owners thereby secure their copyrights.

Who awards the label?

After successful certification by the brand owner, the label may be applied by the manufacturer or retailer to products and packaging, as well as in advertising information.

Which products must carry the mark?

All products that use Bluetooth technology may carry the mark after successful certification. These include keyboards, mice, printers, speakers, monitors and computers. Hands-free systems, headphones, smartphones, sensors for measured values and receivers for signals in control loops also benefit. To give users the benefit of the doubt when checking for authenticity, all certified devices are given a listed declaration ID that can be found in the SIG directory.

Where are the requirements for the devices defined?

The requirements for the devices are defined in the SIG specifications, which are revised and developed on a regular basis. Launch Studio is available to stakeholder group members for identifying applicable specifications. A test plan can be generated on this user interface.

What is a compliance folder?

The Compliance Folder is a folder that contains all the evidence of checks and tests performed for Bluetooth certification. The documents are formulated in English and can be in paper form or stored electronically as a file. Device safety rules apply to the requirements for the evidence. The basis for the qualification of the products is the evaluation of the compliance folder by independent testing bodies or an appropriately qualified person. The compliance folder must be kept by the responsible supplier for five years and be available on request within 10 working days.

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