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The MIC certification is the key for the successful market entry of your products in Japan. With the support of IB-Lenhardt AG your company will reach this goal faster and more secure. You benefit from the many years of experience of our experts and the excellent testing services of our subsidiary IBL-Lab GmbH.
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Japan Market Approval

MIC Marking for your Radio and Telecommunication Products

Radio and telecommunication products that you want to market in Japan need to be approved by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC). The experts at IB-Lenhardt AG offer you comprehensive support throughout the entire process of MIC certification. In-depth knowledge of radio technology and test methods as well as many years of experience in market approval for Japan enable us to offer cost-effective and time-efficient services. Take advantage of our offer for fast access to the Japanese market.

Your Market Access for Japan

In order to limit the effort required for market approval in Japan to what is necessary for safety, the certification process depends on the type of equipment. For this purpose, Japanese radio and telecommunications law distinguishes between specified radio equipment (SRE) and special specified radio equipment (SSRE). For radio equipment categorized as SSRE, a manufacturer's declaration of conformity is sufficient to apply to the MIC for approval by a Japan-based representative.

The prerequisite is to submit properly prepared test reports. Radio equipment classified in the SSE category must be tested by a registered certification body (RCB). For equipment that is to be exported in large quantities, type certification is provided, where only some samples are tested by the RCB. The required marking is done by the manufacturer. For equipment deliveries with small quantities, all products are tested and marked by the RCB.

Our Services

IB-Lenhardt AG cooperates with its subsidiary KL-Certification GmbH, which is registered as RCB with the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, for market approval. Together we guide you through the complete certification process. We determine which approval procedure is intended for your specific product. Upon request, we will explain the requirements that your product must meet for market approval in Japan. During the design and development phase, we carry out preparatory conformity tests. During the application process, we support you by reviewing and completing the required documents.

Background of MIC Certification

In Japan, structural change in the field of information and communications technology is taking place with increasing acceleration. Radio frequency technology plays a crucial role in this process. To ensure the safe and reliable exchange of information and the efficient use of radio waves, all devices using radio technologies must comply with the technical rules in force in Japan. The legal basis for this is the Japanese Radio Law and the Japanese Telecommunication Business Law. The Japanese Radio Law covers the system for certifying conformity with technical regulations. The Japanese Telecommunication Business Law also contains additional requirements for radio equipment that can connect to the public network. These include WLAN routers and mobile radios, for example. Registered Certification Bodies (RCBs) appointed by the MIC are responsible for certifying radio equipment. After successful testing, they issue a certificate which they submit to the ministry. The ministry then issues the market approval.

Regulatory News for Japan

MIC updates 5GHz and 6GHz WLAN systems
The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has recently published a partial revision of the regulations for the enforcement of the radio law (Ordinance No. 59). The authority has successfully revised the regulation connected to currently operating WLAN frequency bands. and the 5.2 GHz (5150-5250 MHz) range for WLAN devices in vehicles. The main outcomes of the revision are as follows: »read more
»More regulatory news

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about MIC marking

What does the MIC marking mean?

The marking states that the product is approved by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan. Conformity with the applicable technical rules has been established by a certification procedure that meets the current legal requirements.

What does the marking look like?

The marking consists of the Technical Conformity Mark and a character string. The Technical Conformity Mark is based on a symbol in electrical circuit diagrams and is supplemented by an "R" for radio equipment or a "T" for telecommunications equipment. The string consists of a three-digit number for the certification body, a hyphen and a six-digit number for the product identification.

Which products must bear the label?

The labeling is intended for all devices with wireless technologies that require marketing approval for Japan. These include, but are not limited to, devices using cellular technologies, ultra-wideband devices, and products using Bluetooth, wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi), or Long Term Evolution (LTE) technologies, as well as wireless microphones, radio-frequency identification (RFID) products, and telemeters.

What are the approval procedures?

The technical regulations for the Japanese conformity certification system provide for three approval procedures, which have been described in detail in the Japanese Radio Law:
Certificate of Construction Design or Type with conformity testing of some sample products by an approved certification body and marking by the manufacturer, Conformity Certification based on Technical Regulations specified in the Radio Law (Technical Regulations Conformity Certification) with testing and marking of all parts by an approved certification body,Declaration of Conformity by the manufacturer (Self-Confirmation) based on self-generated proper test reports.

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We perform the required tests in our accredited test laboratories. In a next step, we expose the necessary test reports and certificates in accordance with the applicable national requirements and apply to the MIC for market approval. We also support you with the proper labeling of the devices. Upon request, we will provide the translation of the operating instructions into Japanese. Contact the experts at IB-Lenhardt AG to benefit from a smooth and fast certification of your product.

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