Regulatory News

South Africa released Government Gazette number 48643
South AfricaSouth Africa2023-05-24
South Africa released Government Gazette number 48643, with updates for 6 GHz band and 122 -246 GHz Non Specific SRD. »read more
NICTA released Type Approval Rule 2022ICT Equipment Type Approval Rule 2022 was released by the NICTA in Papua New Guinea during February. »read more
IMDA allocates spectrum in 6GHz band for Wi-Fi
IMDA allocates additional spectrum for Wi-Fi use in the lower segment of 6 GHz band (5925 - 6425 MHz). »read more
Change to the technical specifications for wired charging
EU (RE-D)EU (RE-D)2023-05-03
EU Commission public consultation aiming to modify the reference to the technical specifications on the charging »read more
OFCA released TAC 012
Hong KongHong Kong2023-04-27
OFCA in Hong Kong released the 'Type Acceptance Criteria for 5G New Radio Repeater Equipment Operating Below 6 GHz' in March »read more
Operating Parameters for Wireless LAN (WiFi) Services
Cayman IslandsCayman Islands2023-04-20
Utility Regulation and Competition Office from the OfReg in Cayman Islands published the Operating Parameters for Wireless LAN (WiFi) Services. »read more
Singapore IMDA invites for public comments for Draft TS SRD
Draft Technical Specification for Short Range Devices (Draft IMDA TS SRD Issue 1 Rev. 3) released for public comment. »read more
TR RED UA set out requirement for instructions in Ukrainian
According to TR RED UA, manufacturers should ensure that radio equipment is accompanied by instructions in Ukrainian language. »read more
Further Products in the Scope of CCC
CCC certification will be required for 3 additional product categories beginning August 1, 2023. »read more
WiFi 6E Approval Information
IFT determines 5925 MHz to 6425 MHz as designated for free use. »read more
New Guidelines for Type Approval in Botswana
BOCRA released the 2023 Type Approval Guidelines end February. »read more
FCC Improves Public Safety Communications in 4.9 GHz Band
United StatesUnited States2023-03-13
The FCC has adopted rules that improve public safety communications in the 4.9 GHz band, while allowing secondary, non-public safety use under a new leasing model. »read more
DRAFT ISED RSS-247 Issue 3 consultation
Canadian ISED seeks comments on RSS-247 Issue 3, incl. SMSE 012-22, for radio & LE-LAN devices in 902-928, 2400-2483.5, 5725-5850, & 5850-5895 MHz bands. Comments due May 3, 2023. »read more
ANATEL asking for feedback on Public Consultation No. 4
ANATEL seeking feedback on the "Update Requirements for FM Sound Broadcast Transmitter" before 2023-03-31. »read more
IFT classified WiFi 6E band as free spectrum
IFT classified the WiFi 6E band as free spectrum on 2023-02-16 for 5925-6425 MHz. »read more
MIIT released regulation effective from 2023-07-01
MIIT (China) released the latest Regulations on the Administration of Radio Transmission Equipment to come into effect on 1st July. »read more
IBL-Lab as Designated Body for ECE-R-10 Type Approval
Since February, IBL-Lab GmbH is designated as technical service for the KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt) Type Approval and is therefore authorized to perform EMC tests according to ECE-R-10. »read more
MIC Vietnam publishes draft updated circular
The Ministry of Information and Communications has published a draft circular to replace Circular 02/2022/TT-TT-BTTTT. »read more
Public Consultation on 6 GHz allocation
IMDA opened public consultation for comments from stakeholders regarding the 6 GHz band. »read more
British Virgin Island: final round of Public ConsultationTRC opened final round on Regulatory Framework for Equipment Type Approval, comments to be sent until 24 Feb 2023. »read more

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