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With our accredited testing and laboratory facilities, we offer testing services at an international level according to high quality standards in line with the IB-Lenhardt guideline "Right at the first go".

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IBL-Lab GmbH and the associated laboratory provide facilities to cover testing services to international quality standards.

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IBL-Lab: Testing and Certification Services

We are a leading global provider of testing and certification services for electrical products and offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure that your products meet all required safety and performance standards. With our expertise, you can be sure that your products meet the highest standards.

In order to prove that radio products meet the requirements of the EU Radio Equipment Directive RED 2014/53/EU and, in addition, the requirements for approvals in the USA, Canada and Japan, tests are necessary in different areas:

IBL-Lab GmbH thus has the corresponding modern, highly automated testing and laboratory facilities in which testing services in the above-mentioned areas are provided in a professionally competent manner in accordance with legal and normative requirements.

Full Service—Full Flexibility

The high level of integration of various technologies and ever shorter product cycles require a high degree of flexibility and testing capacity on site. IBL-Lab GmbH is optimally prepared for your demands:

  • Our team of highly qualified and experienced experts provides you with the best possible support at the start of a project in word and deed when preparing your test samples for the test process.

  • Accompany the tests personally on site if desired or use the transparent overview of your projects online in TAMSys. In both ways you are always informed about the current project status.

  • With project initiation, logistics and implementation of a variety of testing services from a single source, we offer you time-saving advantages. Thus the international market access of your products is accelerated tremendously.

  • In addition to mere testing services, we offer consulting, training and regular information events, also at your site.

Benefit from our worldwide network! With us you are always up-to-date and future-proof with your products on the market.

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The Importance of Electrical Safety Testing

Electrical safety testing of electronic and electrical products is intended to identify the potential risks such as electrical shock hazard to customers when using their devices.
The advantages of safety testing:

  • Detection and elimination of electrical hazards with their products early on 

  • Avoidance of product complaints and resulting expensive recalls

  • Reducing the risk of expensive litigation in case of causing an injury by a product

  • Demonstration of dedication to safety

  • Compliance with national and international regulatory standards in global markets

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about wireless device testing

What is Wireless Testing?

Wireless product testing includes different tests that your product has to run through to be able to be launched on the market. Those tests differ in the following areas:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

  • Telecommunication (Radio)

  • Electrical Safety (Safety)

Wireless testing ensures that devices are using their radio capabilities properly, what means that:

  • they are able to connect and operate properly with other devices and networks

  • they are operating on the correct wireless frequency

  • they are using the applicable wireless protocol

  • they comply with the national and international requirements to receive the wireless testing certification.

The compilation of wireless testing for your product secures the compatibility, functionality, interoperability, performance and the competitive analysis.

What is radio testing?

RF Testing is the procedure to examine the frequency of your radio broadcasts. This secures the efficient use of their radio spectrum without overlapping and interfering with other devices.

RF Testing suits for technologies like Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, RFID, mobile technologies and some more.

What is electromagnetic tolerance?

When many electrical or electronic devices are used, the risk of electromagnetic interference increases. Electromagnetic tolerance, or electromagnetic compatibility, ensures interference-free functionality of radio devices in their radio environment. Therefore, the compliance of not only different requirements but also national and international standards is necessary for the market launch.

What is the FCC marking?

The FCC mark signifies that a device with wireless radio technology obtained the certification of market access in the U.S. The certification is carried out in compliance with the requirements pronounced by the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) and has to be performed by an accredited laboratory.

What is the CE mark?

The CE mark signifies that a wireless radio device has the certification to be marketed within the European Union. That means that the respective product meets the requirements defined by the European Radio Equipment Directive (RED). CE stands, according to the standards institute CENELEC, for Conformité Européenne.

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