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The Anatel certification is the key for the successful market entry of your products in Brazil. With the support of IB-Lenhardt AG your company will reach this goal faster and more secure. You benefit from the many years of experience of our experts and the excellent testing services of our subsidiary IBL-Lab GmbH.
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Brazilian Market Approval

Anatel Marking for your Radio and Telecommunication Products

To gain access to the Brazilian market, your radio and telecommunications products must be approved by the competent authority ANATEL. This requires certification according to the standards applicable in Brazil. The qualified experts of IB-Lenhardt AG offer you valuable support during the entire certification process. This means a considerable time saving and a significant cost saving for you.

Your market access for Brazil

You can only get your products approved for the Brazilian market through a national certification body designated by the authority, which in Brazil is known as Organismo de Certificação Designado. The abbreviated form OCD is derived from name. OCDs carry out conformity checks and tests on the product on the basis of meaningful documentation provided by you. If these tests show that your product meets all safety and functionality requirements, it is issued a certificate.

ANATEL then grants the approval, which is usually valid for a limited period of time. The time limit depends on the device class. After the expiration, maintenance of the certification is required to maintain the approval. Tests are carried out to determine whether the requirements are still being met. To enable the end user to check whether a product has been approved, you must provide it with a label that complies with the legal requirements.

Anatel—Certification in Brazil

ANATEL (Portuguese: Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações) is the national authority responsible for Brazil when it comes to the approval of telecommunications products. It was founded in 1997 and, as an approval and certification agency, constitutes a mandatory body for the marketing and use of a product on the Brazilian market. The issuance of the Certificate Of Conformity, which states that a product complies with Brazilian regulations, must be done through a Designated Certification Body (OCD). This ensures that all relevant quality and safety standards have been met.

Our Services

The staff of IB-Lenhardt AG has extensive competences in the field of conformity testing of radio equipment and very good contacts to accredited certification bodies (OCDs) in Brazil. Therefore we are able to provide all services in a time and cost effective way. You benefit from a fast access of your products to the Brazilian market. Let us accompany you already in the design and development phase of your product. An early preparatory conformity test gives you the certainty that the product will withstand the tests by an OCD.

ANATEL Certification Background

ANATEL is short for Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações, National Agency for Telecommunications. This agency achieves a minimum level of functionality and safety for users of devices with radio technology through the approval process. It also promotes the protection of the electromagnetic radio spectrum. This is necessary to avoid the unintentionally influence and interference of radio devices.

The basis for the certifications is Regulation No. 715, which was adopted in 2019 and repeals Regulations No. 242 and 323, which were in force until that date. Ordinance No. 715 contains detailed information about the requirements for products, tests and labeling, and about approved test and measurement methods. The rules to be followed are updated from time to time. IB-Lenhardt AG observes the changes closely and always works with up-to-date information.

Regulatory News for Brazil

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ANATEL: Updated Guidelines for Modular Certification
ANATEL, the Brazilian Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações, has recently issued its Official Letter No. 218/2022. »read more
ANATEL Extends Deadline for Simplified Renewal Procedure
On July 26, 2022, the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) in Brazil published an official letter No. 265/2022 postponing the deadline for simplified renewal policy until October 31, 2022. »read more
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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about ANATEL cerification

What does the ANATEL marking mean?

Labeling gives the end user the assurance that they have a product approved in Brazil. It is mandatory to mark all products in accordance with the regulations. In this way, the manufacturer indicates that the conformity of the product has been established within the framework of all the required tests. Without labeling, the approval for the Brazilian market is invalid.

How do the certifications work?

First of all, you need a certification body (OCD) accredited by the Brazilian authority to carry out the tests of your documentation and the products. There you apply for certification and submit the required documentation and a reference product. After successful conformity testing, the OCD issues the corresponding certificate, which it submits to the authority together with the application documents and test reports. After that, ANATEL issues the approval for the Brazilian market.

What happens during maintenance?

Maintenance involves checking whether a product that has already been approved is properly marked and whether it has changed since initial certification. It is important to establish that all safety requirements have been maintained. If the tests are satisfactory, the product is re-certified and approved.

What documents are required for the application?

The applicant provides OCD with all the information it needs to assess conformity. This includes the duly completed application form as well as a functional description, the user manual, existing reports of tests, block diagrams, circuit diagrams and photographs.

Who awards the ANATEL label?

After the certification and approval of the equipment in Brazil, the labeling is made by the manufacturer according to the specifications of the Brazilian authority. The labeling includes the logo, an identification number and the declaration that the device has no right to protection against external interference and that it does not cause interference in proper systems. The declaration is made in Portuguese and with prescribed wording.

How are the devices labeled?

The product marking must be clearly visible and permanently legible on the outside of the device housing. The required information can be applied by etching, engraving, stamping or printing. Alternatively, they can be on a nameplate permanently attached to the housing.

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We are happy to support you in the application process, for example by completing the necessary forms or checking the content of the required documents for conformity. If you wish, we can also take care of the maintenance and renewal of your certificates and the translation of your documents into Portuguese. Contact our staff and take advantage of your benefits.

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