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Navigate international product approvals in a breeze — with our expertise and our innovative platform! Thanks to TAMSys, certification becomes much easier because complex processes become simplified, more accessible, and simpler to follow.

Benefit from features that ensure painless usability and reliable management, powered by:

  • Highest standard of data security: Server location in Germany and strict privacy protection standards guarantee the protection of your sensitive data;

  • Certified quality: Provider certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 proves our uncompromising quality promise;

  • Many years of expertise: Highly qualified app developers — not out-sourced, but in-house! — with extensive experience in product approval are always at your side.


Certification Made Easy with TAMSys

Our expert knowledge and years of experience guarantee you fast procedures, transparency, and success for international type approvals.

Project Management

Monitoring and control of your running projects and certifications


User-friendly interface and easy handling with a multi-language platform


Accessible anytime anywhere, supporting global cooperation—Sharing of select information only for defined users chosen by your for real-time collaboration


Complete transparency for each step of the certification process


Designed for businesses of any size, easily handles hundreds of products with each more than 200 country certificates

Real-time Data

Track your projects, get reminders and access all relevant information in real-time
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Video Series

Explore the Features

Watch our TAMSys video series and learn more about our certification database (Cert-DB), the regulatory database (Reg-DB), as well as the labeling (marking), sharing and export processes. Get a first-hand feeling how using TAMSys can help you optimize your day-to-day business. Your path to effortless certification starts here!

The Dashboard

Certification Database

Regulatory Database


Data Export

Built for Our Customers

Save time, money and effort by keeping Certification, Homologation and International Type Approval in mind from day one of product development. Benefit from our experience-based competence through TAMSys.

Automotive OEM

Short-lived product cycles, as well as constantly changing regulations require swift reaction times and quick decisions.


Handle the entire certification process from the customer's application to the creation of the certificate and label.


Share important information with customers, partners and service providers for efficient handling of all work processes.

Defense Military Radio Technology

Modular testing solutions for tactical communications are designed to ensure the operational capability of armed forces and authorities.

Pricing Plans

For Teams of all Sizes

Continue with our free plan or upgrade your TAMSys account to unlock additional features.


Starter Package with basic functionality
Create TAMSys® Account
  • Simple Reporting Dashboard
  • Limited Product and Certificate Management
  • Limited Regulary Database Access
  • Basic Security Features
  • Basic Support
  • No Notification Mails
  • No Sharing Functionality
  • No Label and Marking Management
  • No Import / Export
  • No Project Management


Advanced Package with extended functionality
Contact our Sales Team
  • Advanced Reporting Dashboard
  • Full Product and Certificate Management
  • Full Regulary Database Access
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Advanced Support
  • Default Notification Mails
  • Simple Sharing Functionality
  • Full Label and Marking Management
  • Limited Import / Export
  • Limited Project Management


Premium Package with enterprise functionality
Contact our Sales Team
  • Advanced Reporting Dashboard
  • Full Product and Certificate Management
  • Full Regulary Database Access
  • Premium Security Features
  • Premium Support (incl. Feature Requests)
  • Customizable Notification Mails
  • Advanced Sharing Functionality
  • Full Label and Marking Management
  • Custom Import / Export
  • Full Project Management

Pricing Plans

Subscriptions in comparison

Easily Compare All Features of TAMSys at a Glance.

Basic Advanced
Create Contact Sales
Product and Certificate Management
Anytime, anywhere Access
Product Management
Up to 5 productsUnlimited
Certificates per product
Tracking of harmonised Standards
Expiration reminder
Technical specifications
File Storage (Exhibits / Testreports)
Up to 1 GBUp to 10 GB
End-of-Life setting per Country
Sample Management
Label and Marking Management
Label Creation Wizard
Export of all Labels
Placement and Usage Guide
Legal requirements information
Custom Label Upload
Label History
Realtime sharing
Share certificates
Share products
Share exhibits / textreports
Share labels
Share certification projects
Regulatory Database
Country specific regulatory information
Regulatory news and updates
Export and Import features
Import function
Export expiring certificates
Export all product labels as PDF
Status summary
Smart Reporting
Project Management
Project timeline
Simple todo and task handling
Support and Customization
Project, Lab and Type Approval support
Upon request
(additional costs may apply)
TAMSys® technical support
Upon request
(additional costs may apply)
Custom Feature Implementation
Upon request
(additional costs may apply)
Custom import/exports/api
Upon request
(additional costs may apply)
Own subdomain and branding
Upon request
(additional costs may apply)
Security Features
2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Network-based restriction (IP/ASN)
Cert-level encryption
256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption
Secure data hosting in Germany
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Digitize – Structurize – Optimize: The web-based Type Approval Management System TAMSys® offers you fast, convenient and secure access to all relevant information relating to comprehensive certification.

The integrity of your applications, certificates and your data are our top priority. TAMSys® uses only "state-of-the-art" web technologies protected by the latest security protocols.