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The KC certification is the key for the successful market entry of your products in South Korea. With the support of IB-Lenhardt AG your company will reach this goal faster and more secure. You benefit from the many years of experience of our experts and the excellent testing services of our subsidiary IBL-Lab GmbH.
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KC Mark

South Korea Market Approval

KC Marking for your Radio and Telecommunication Products

The Republic of Korea, usually referred to as South Korea, is one of the world's leading industrial nations. Naturally, standards and legal regulations that specify all relevant requirements for the safety of various products also apply there. To gain a foothold in the Korean market with your radio and telecommunications products, you need proof that all specifications have been met. Let the experienced experts of IB-Lenhardt AG support you with the necessary certifications. You will save costs and above all a lot of time.

The approval of your products on the Korean market

Products with wireless technologies are frequently found in vehicles, machines and plants in industry as well as in privately used devices. Wireless data transmission enables the remote control of switches and drives, the control of technical processes, and the processing and exchange of information. The used frequency range and the transmitted amount of energy are the most important factors for safety. This applies both to protection against health hazards and to the avoidance of risks from unintentional electromagnetic interference with devices within the range of the radio waves. Certifications are required for almost all radio and telecommunications products offered on the Korean market. They confirm electromagnetic compatibility as well as mechanical and electrical harmlessness according to the requirements of Korean standards.

The Certification Service of IB-Lenhardt AG is available for the complete product range. This includes products for short ranges (Short Range Devices, SRD), for radio frequency identification for reading data memories (Radio Frequency Identification, RFID) as well as for high frequency ranges of industry, science and medicine (Industrial, Scientific and Medical Band, ISM).

Our Services

With the support of the experts at IB-Lenhardt AG, you can significantly accelerate the approval process for your product on the South Korean market. This is due to our extensive experience from successfully completed projects and our in-depth expertise in radio equipment. During the design and development phase, we are here to assist you with comprehensive advice on the requirements that your specific product must meet in South Korea. Preliminary compliance testing saves you from costly modifications later on.

In our accredited testing laboratories, complete testing of all technical properties and functions is carried out, which forms the basis for certification. You can also benefit from assistance with the application process and the correct design of product labeling. Get in touch with our expert staff to get the approval for your product safely on its way.

Background of the KC Certification

KC stands for Korea Certification. In South Korea, your radio and telecommunication products require approval for the market, which you receive after successfully completing certifications by the local authorities. The Korean Ministry of Labor has established a certification system as the basis for approval. It requires a Notified Certification Body to verify that products meet the requirements of national standards for health and safety.

In South Korea, these include the Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency (KOSHA), the Korea Testing Laboratory (KTL) and the Korea Gas Safety Corporation (KGS). The Korean Communications Commission (KCC) is responsible for the certification of radio and telecommunication products. IB-Lenhardt AG has been working in partnership with the KCC for several years. The approval for the Korean market is indicated on your products by the KC mark, which corresponds to the CE mark in the European Union.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about KC marking

What does the KC marking mean?

The Korean certification mark on the product indicates that all requirements of the national standards for safety and electromagnetic compatibility have been met and the certification has been successfully completed. This is the prerequisite for certification and access to the market in South Korea.

How does the KC certification process work?

After you have conducted and documented product tests according to Korean standards, you can register your company and apply for certification. You then submit the required documents and a reference product to a Korean Notified Certification Body. Certifications consist of document review, product testing, product evaluation and, in the case of special safety requirements (e.g. explosion protection), surveillance audits at the manufacturer's premises. If the process is successful, the authority issues a certificate.

What documents are required for the application?

In addition to the application form and company registration, the documents you need to apply for certification include documentation showing compliance with Korean standards. This includes design documents, schematics, PCB placements for printed circuit boards, product descriptions or operating manuals in Korean, and existing test reports.

Who assigns the KC marking?

The manufacturer whose products have been certified must mark them with the Korean certification mark. If the product is a component of a technical system (vehicle, machine, plant), the manufacturer of the respective component is obliged to apply for and mark it.

How is the KC marking done?

The marking is engraved or printed on the surface of the products and on the packaging. It consists of the Korean symbol for certifications and the indication of the conformity assessment holder, the product name, the model name, the year of manufacture and the name of the manufacturer and the country of manufacture. This information is provided in the Korean language. In addition, an identification number must be provided according to a specified key.

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IB-Lenhardt AG is glad to support you in carrying out the conformity assessment for KC marking and certification. We will guide your company through the entire process. Get comprehensive advice from our competent staff to save time and costs right from the start.
Together with you, we will develop viable concepts that will give you a head start when you launch your products on the market. For all necessary tests in the fields of electrical safety, telecommunications and electromagnetic compatibility, the experts at our subsidiary IBL-Lab GmbH are at your disposal with outstanding expertise and state-of-the-art technical equipment.

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