Regulatory News from 2024

ACMA open consultations
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has launched several public consultations. »read more
Mexico: Upcoming Summer Break at IFT
The Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT), will be closed, due to upcoming holidays. »read more
MACRA hints at Labeling Introduction
MACRA has announced plans to implement the new type approval regulations. The introduction of labeling has also been hinted at. »read more
ISED has published Issue 11 of RSS-210
ISED has published the Radio Standards Specification RSS-210, Issue 11, which has updated the legal text of a wide array of radio equipment. »read more
ISED announces 5-Day Spectra Shutdown
ISED will shut down its Spectra system from June 20 to June 24. »read more
Open consultation on upper 6 GHz band
The ACMA is currently conducting a public consultation for the upper 6 GHz band (6425-7125 MHz). »read more
Type approval delays possible due to Eid-al-Adha 2024
Expect delays as agency staff may not be contactable, due to upcoming Eid-al-Adha celebrations. Argentina will also experience minor delays. »read more
Consultation for National Frequency Allocation Table
The IFT has opened a public consultation on the preliminary Draft Agreement to modify the National Frequency Allocation Table. »read more
Anatel: Open Consultation for 6 GHz Access Points
Anatel has recently opened a public consultation on a regulation update, relating to Access Points, in the range of 5925-7125 MHz. »read more
Indonesia Label Regulation Update
New label requirements in Indonesia, mandate the addition of a warning sign on both, the device and packaging. »read more
Qatar: Public Consultation on Class License for Short Range Devices
CRA (The Communications Regulatory Authority) has opened up consultation for the updated Class License for SRD. »read more
Publishment of RSS-295 Issue I
The ISED (Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) has published RSS-295 Issue 1. »read more
NFC Tests: IBL-Lab Introduces State-of-the-Art Equipment
The team at IBL-Lab is pleased to announce the arrival of state-of-the-art test equipment from Comprion, which will usher in a new era of precision and efficiency in our test processes. »read more
China: Notice of Provisions on RFID Equipment
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has notified about provisions on RFID Equipment in the 900 MHz Band. »read more
China: Notice of Provisions on UWB Equipment
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has notified about provisions on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Equipment. »read more
MIC Vietnam Releases Circular 02/2024TT-BTTTT
The Ministry of Information and Communications in Vietnam has published a new Circular, "Circular 02/2024/TT-BTTTT". Effective, May 15, 2024. »read more
RATEL Serbia: New Rulebook on Radio Equipment
RATEL Serbia released new Rulebook on Radio Equipment allowing the CE Marking and CE DoC for demonstrating compliance starting 2027. »read more
Wi-Fi 7 Update from RRA Korea
South KoreaSouth Korea2024-04-17
National Radio Research Authority make notice for Wi-Fi 7 conformity assessments and test methods. »read more
SDPPI Indonesia Implementing SAR Head Rules
SDPPI introduces the limitation of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) for cell phones and tablets in the regulation "Kepmen Kominfo Nomor 177 Tahun 2024". »read more
Slight Type Approval Delays, due to Holiday Season
Many countries will experience, due to holidays such as “Easter” or “Eid ad-Fitr”, slight approval or testing delays. »read more
Short Easter break at IB-Lenhardt AG 2024
Our offices will be temporarily closed during the Easter vacation from March 29 to April 1. »read more
ENACOM authorizes Satellite Internet Provider
ENACOM has authorized OneWEB, Starlink and Amazon Kuiper to provide satellite Internet services in Argentina, expanding connectivity options beyond mobile and fiber. »read more
Type Approval Delays for Guinea expected
The authority in Guinea (ARTP) has initiated the process of dematerializing and digitizing its type approval. Delays are to be expected. »read more
SIRIM: Trademark authorization letters, to be replaced by IP Forms
SIRIM, has announced the replacement of the "trademark authorization letter", by the newly introduced "Intellectual Property (IP) Form". »read more
Addition of Advanced Mobile Location (AML) Feature TestingThe TDRA has expanded the mandatory tests for cell phones to include advanced mobile location (AML) testing. »read more
NBTC: Public Hearing on Acceptance of EN 303 687 Standard
The NBTC in Thailand has launched a public consultation on the adoption of the ETSI EN 303 687 standard for the frequency range between 5.725 and 6.425 GHz. »read more
Publication of ICES-Gen issue 2
The ISED "Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada" has published "ICES-Gen, issue 2". on February 23, 2024. »read more
NCC Updates Low Power Radio Frequency Equipment Regulation
Approval of low power devices within 5.945 GHz to 6.425 GHz is now possible. »read more
Open Consultation on RSS-210, Issue 11
The ISED has opened up the draft RSS-210, Issue 11 for public discussion until May 3, 2024. »read more
Open Consultation on RSS-295 Issue I
The ISED (Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) has opened up discussion on RSS-295 Issue 1. »read more
ECC Public Consultation
EU (RE-D)EU (RE-D)2024-02-21
The ECC (Electronic Communications Committee) has opened public consultation on 5 items. »read more
Mexico Label Update
The IFT (Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones) has announced a labeling update, which will be effective October 10, 2024. »read more
Introduction of a Labeling Requirement in Tanzania
The TRCA (Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority) has published, in November 2023, new guidelines on Type Approval. »read more
Type Approval Delays in Argentina
Argentinian Type Approval certificates may experience, due to a recent government change, further delay. »read more
New Standard for Short Range Devices (9 kHz to 25 MHz)
Circular QCVN 55: 2023/BTTTT replaces QCVN 55:2011/BTTTT starting from July 1, 2024. »read more
Update of South Korea's Conformity Assessment Regulation
South KoreaSouth Korea2024-02-02
The National Radio Research Agency (RRA) has updated the Broadcast & Communication equipment's Conformity Assessment Regulation. »read more
Bocra informs about official Type Approval Exemptions
"Bocra" informs that they will issue official Type Approval Exemptions, re-application for already exempted products will be possible. »read more
Cease of 3G support in Singapore
The IMDA has stated the cease of 3G support till 31 July 2024. Additionally, a mobile phone requirements proposal has been issued. »read more
Update for BT & WIFI Renewals required
The 2 year transitional period of regulation "129" (introduced in 2021), has run out. BT & WIFI renewals will therefore need to be updated accordingly. »read more
Introduction of a 5 year validityEffective immediately, certificates in Trinidad and Tobago will be limited to a 5 year period. »read more