Regulatory News from 2024

Open Consultation on RSS-210, Issue 11
The ISED has opened up the draft RSS-210, Issue 11 for public discussion until May 3, 2024. »read more
Open Consultation on RSS-295 Issue I
The ISED (Department of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) has opened up discussion on RSS-295 Issue 1. »read more
ECC Public Consultation
EU (RE-D)EU (RE-D)2024-02-21
The ECC (Electronic Communications Committee) has opened public consultation on 5 items. »read more
Mexico Label Update
The IFT (Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones) has announced a labeling update for December 26, 2023, which will take effect in 180 days. »read more
Introduction of a Labeling Requirement in Tanzania
The TRCA (Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority) has published, in November 2023, new guidelines on Type Approval. »read more
Type Approval Delays in Argentina
Argentinian Type Approval certificates may experience, due to a recent government change, further delay. »read more
New Standard for Short Range Devices (9 kHz to 25 MHz)
Circular QCVN 55: 2023/BTTTT replaces QCVN 55:2011/BTTTT starting from July 1, 2024. »read more
Update of South Korea's Conformity Assessment Regulation
South KoreaSouth Korea2024-02-02
The National Radio Research Agency (RRA) has updated the Broadcast & Communication equipment's Conformity Assessment Regulation. »read more
Bocra informs about official Type Approval Exemptions
"Bocra" informs that they will issue official Type Approval Exemptions, re-application for already exempted products will be possible. »read more
Cease of 3G support in Singapore
The IMDA has stated the cease of 3G support till 31 July 2024. Additionally, a mobile phone requirements proposal has been issued. »read more
Update for BT & WIFI Renewals required
The 2 year transitional period of regulation "129" (introduced in 2021), has run out. BT & WIFI renewals will therefore need to be updated accordingly. »read more
Introduction of a 5 year validityEffective immediately, certificates in Trinidad and Tobago will be limited to a 5 year period. »read more

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