ENACOM authorizes Satellite Internet Provider

, 2024-03-27
ENACOM has authorized OneWEB, Starlink and Amazon Kuiper to provide satellite Internet services in Argentina, expanding connectivity options beyond mobile and fiber.
Flag of Argentina

The national communications authority Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones (ENACOM) gave the green light for the provision of satellite internet services by OneWEB, Starlink and Amazon Kuiper at the end of February 2024. This will allow new access to the Internet through satellite technology. With this measure, Argentina completes its connectivity options, which now include satellite Internet in addition to mobile Internet and fiber optics.

This decision is a step towards greater technological openness, offering more alternatives to connect people and businesses throughout the country, even in remote areas. It also encourages greater competition among digital service providers, giving users a wide range of options and quality standards.

The key advantage of satellite Internet is its ability to provide connectivity in areas where other broadband technologies are not readily available. This makes it possible to reach remote locations and enables individuals and businesses to connect to the global digital world.

Source: ENACOM - Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones