ENACOM: Revised Version of Testing Standard for SRDs

, 2022-03-16
ENACOM in Argentina has recently released an update ENACOM-Q2-60.14 V21.1 for the SRD testing standard which replaces the current standard ENACOM-Q2-60.14 V20.1.

The official paper is dated from March 8th, 2022.

There are a few crucial changes to mention:

New low frequency bands have been added to the standard, namely:

  • 0.490 - 1.705 MHz (maximum allowed power of 24000/f (kHz) μV/m at 30 m)

  • 1.705 - 30 MHz (maximum allowed power of 30 μV/m @ 30 m)

  • There is a transition period of 90 calendar days which allows new as well as ongoing requests to be accepted with test reports issued under the previous standard ENACOM-Q2-60.14 V20.1.

  • Products which are based on the previous resolution 555/2021 and need to be renewed do NOT have to be tested again, provided that the original test report shows compliance with the limits established in the new regulation.

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