Update for BT & WIFI Renewals required

, 2024-01-19
The 2 year transitional period of regulation "129" (introduced in 2021), has run out. BT & WIFI renewals will therefore need to be updated accordingly.

The 2 year transitional period of Regulation No: [2021] No. 129, issued by the "Ministry of Industry and Information Technology" (MIIT), has ended last year, it has been put into effect since October 15, 2023.

Relevant radio transmitting equipment (BT & WIFI) must now, according to this regulation, comply with the technical requirements listed within, which requires local testing.

We recommend to start the update to the new regulation as soon as possible in order to avoid the expiry of an existing certification at which it may become impossible to get the renewal.

Source can be found on MIIT's official website, linked below. (Chinese)