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The National Communications Commission (NCC), headquartered in Taipei, is responsible for type approval and regulation of radio equipment in Taiwan.
In order to successfully launch your product in Taiwan, conformity tests according to national standards are performed as the first step. We support you by providing an accredited test laboratory. Due to many years of cooperation with our test laboratories, we are a well-established team and can therefore handle type approval projects in the shortest possible time. After successful performance testing of your product, the application documents are submitted to an accredited certification body for review. After successful homologation, the authority issues a type approval with unlimited validity. A country-specific conformity label is required before your product can be introduced to the market. We support you with the preparation of the label, for instance by providing you with the relevant label information. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Certificate example file for Taiwan
Certificate example Taiwan
In-Country Testing
Validity Period of Certification
∞ Months
Average lead time for radio type approval
14 Weeks
Certificate example (pdf, 390.94K)


Example label for Taiwan

Taiwan Radio Type Approval

NCC Approval

01Review of technical documents, ship test setup to accredited laboratory
02Testing at accredited national test laboratory
03Submit test report and application documents to NCC accredited certification body
04Type approval certificate is issued after successful review
05Affix NCC label to your product

BSMI Approval

01Review of technical documents, ship test setup to accredited laboratory
02Testing at accredited national test laboratory
03Application documents are being reviewed by test laboratory
04Depending on HS code, either Certificate of Conformity is issued by BSMI or DoC is issued by local representative
05Affix BSMI Label to your product

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need BSMI approval?

BSMI approval may be required depending on the HS code.

Changes have been made to our device, what should we do?

When changes are made to an approved product, the certification body shall review the changes and advise on the actions necessary to maintain conformity.

Can I specify a worst-case operating mode for devices that support more than one operating mode?

No, all operating modes of a device must be tested.

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Regulatory News for Taiwan

  • 2022-04-28
    NCC Importer AuthorizationAccording to the Regulations Governing Compliance Approval for Controlled Telecommunications Radio-Frequency Devices (Chapter 3, Article 16) which is dated from July 2020, local importers are to obtain a written permission for importing devices that... »read more
  • 2022-01-11
    Slight delays due to Chinese New Year festivitiesLocal test labs are closed from 29 Januar until 6 February, due to Chinese New Year festivities. Slight delays might occur. »read more
  • 2020-09-24
    Deregulation of wireless remote controls ≤ 1 mWOn the occasion of their 924th meeting on 2020-08-26, the National Communications Commission (NCC) reviewed and approved the draft announcement “應經核准之電信管制射頻器材”.The Telecommunications Regulatory Act specifies that RF equipment may be freely... »read more
»More regulatory news
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Country Information

General Information about Taiwan

Country calling Code
New Taiwan Dollar
Country Code ISO 3166-2
Country Code ISO 3166-3
Alternate Country Names
Táiwān, Republic of China, 中華民國, Zhōnghuá Mínguó, Chinese Taipei for IOC, Taiwan, Taïwan, Tajvan, Taiwán, Тайвань, 台湾(台湾省/中華民国), Chinese Taipei, 台湾, 대만

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Your personal type approval specialists and authority for Taiwan

  • K. Bauer


    Type Approval Specialist for Taiwan

  • P. Kolodziej


    Type Approval Specialist for Taiwan

  • National Communications Commission (NCC)


    Competent authority for Taiwan

Product Scope

Our offers and services may vary depending on the country. Please contact us for specific details.


Radar 24 GHz, 64 GHz, 77 GHz, 79 GHz, UWB

Radio key 315 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz

Keyless Go 125 kHz, 13,56 MHz

Tire pressure sensors 125 kHz, 315 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz

Entertainment 2,4 GHz


Radar 64 GHz, Tank Level, Position radar

Wireless-M-Bus 315 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz

Wireless-CAN-Bus 2.4 GHz

RFID + NFC 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, 868 MHz

UWB Devices 24 GHz, 60 GHz, 79 GHz


WirelessHD 60 GHz

WLAN 2.4GHz, 3 GHz, 5 GHz, 10 GHz

Bluetooth 2.4 GHz

Zigbee 868 MHz, 2.4 GHz

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