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New Type Approval Requirements

, 22.06.2015

Ghana's National Communication Authority (NCA) revised its guidelines in May 2015 as follows:

  • A local company is now required for all type approval applications if the manufacturer does not have a branch in Ghana.

  • Regarding the publication of the type approved devices on NCA website: "The Authority will maintain on its website a list of approved ECE (hereinafter referred to as "Type Approval Register") to be accessed by the general public";

  • A regularly updated list of testing laboratories recognized by the Authority will be available on the Authority's website. The Authority can demand re-testing at a laboratory assigned by the Authority on the applicant's expense,

  • Approved Terminal Equipment must be labeled, bearing the mark 'NCA Approved: XXX-XXXXX-XXX' (Appendix 3 of Guidelines). Electronic Marking is acceptable;

  • NCA shall perform market surveillance to ensure that only type approved ECE is sold in Ghana.

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