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New Type Approval Requirements

, 27.12.2013

The National Communications Authority of Ghana (NCA) has new rules for Type Approval, beginning 2014-01-01.

A summary of the new Ghana requirements:

  • A sample is mandatory (as-sold)
  • NCA will publish the following data on their website:
    1. Brand
    2. Certification Body
    3. Country of Origin
    4. Date of Certification
    5. EMC standard
    6. Equipment category
    7. Firmware/Software Version
    8. Manufacturer
    9. Modulation type
    10. Notes
    11. Operating frequency band
    12. Radio frequency power of radio equipment
    13. Radio standard
    14. Safety standard
    15. Transmission capacity
    16. Type of RTT 
  • All Type Approved RTTE must have a permanent label except for:
    1. WiMAX FORUM marked equipment
    2. WiFi ALLIANCE marked equipment
    3. UL Registered Component marked equipment
    4. Modular equipment
    5. IECEE CB SCHEME marked equipment
    6. CE marked equipment or FCC parts 15 and 16 approved equipment
    7. Bluetooth marked equipment
    8. 3GPP marked equipment

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