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Update on Malaysia Renewals

, 22.12.2023
Due to increasing restrictions and requirements, especially on SIRIM QAS's e-ComM platform. Renewals will be offered by us with a 5 year validity.

Due to increasing restrictions on SIRIM QAS's "e-ComM" platform, Malaysian renewals will be offered by us for a validity of 5 years, instead of the previous 3 years. This will be independent from the initial certificate validity. (SIRIM QAS International is the national Type Approval agency in Malaysia)

One of the restrictions that have been introduced is i.E. the automatic suspension of the CoC (Certificate of Conformity) for models that have expired for more than six months. SIRIM QAS International will provide prior notice to the certificate holder regarding the suspension.

Beware that the failure to proceed with a renewal, will lead to the necessity to undergo a new Type Approval application, before the product may be imported again.

Detailed infos can be found under the official e-comm Announcement List: https://ecomm.sirim.my/