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  • ChileSUBTEL publishes extended regulation

    In order to bring their regulation into line with international standards, the Chilean authority Subsecretaría de Telecomunicaciones (SUBTEL) developed Resolución 1321 Exenta, which was published on July 27, 2021 and updates Resolución 1985 Exenta, the fixed technical standard for short range devices in Chile.

    The following articles of the regulation were adjusted:

    1. Article 1, item h)
      The frequency band 13553 – 13567 kHz and its corresponding maximum electric field strength 20 mv/m at 30 meters (regarding equipment used for medical applications) were added.
    1. Article 1, item j.1)
      17 mw/MHz were replaced by 17 dBm/MHz.
    1. Article 1, item j.1)
      Devices may operate outdoors, using internal batteries, in the 5925-7125 MHz frequency band with a maximum average EIRP power of 17 dBm.
    1. Article 4
      Non-compliance with Resolución 1985 is punishable in accordance with the provisions of Title VII of General Telecommunications Law No. 18.168.

    Source: Resoclución 1321 Exenta and Resolución 1985 Exenta

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