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The latest vision of IB-Lenhardt AG is to bring its more than 9 years of experience in the field of digitalisation and automation of type approval processes to bear on the part of authorities.

For this purpose, the in-house development department has created TAMSys® for authorities, which efficiently and conveniently maps the authority requirements of an approval electronically.

TAMSys® is a high-security online e-government framework, which handles the entire certification process from the customer's application to the creation of the certificate and label.

Applicants fill in the form directly online on the authorities' website and pay their fees online. This application is then checked and processed by an authorised employee of the authority, which leads to the rejection or issue of a certificate.

All processes are simplified to easy "few clicks" workflows that are fully customisable, resulting in maximum efficiency and meeting the specific requirements of your agency.

The integrity of your data, as well as that of your applicants, is our top priority. TAMSys exclusively uses "state of the art" web technologies, secured by the most modern security procedures.

The pilot project of TAMSys® for public authorities started successfully in October 2020 with TRC Jordan.

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