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Project Management

Monitoring and control of your running projects and certifications


User-friendly interface and easy handling with a multi-language platform


Complete transparency for each step of the certification process


Designed for big corporations with up to 5,000 employees and projects with more than 200 countries


Accessible anytime anywhere, supporting global cooperation—Share certain updates and certificates for defined users only

Real-time Data

Track and set reminders for your projects, get all relevant information in real-time

Pricing Plans

For Teams of all Sizes

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Starter package with basic functionality

  • Online File Storage
  • Simple Reporting Dashboard
  • Limited Certificate Management
  • Limited Regulatory Database Access
  • No Notification Mails
  • No Sharing Functionality
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€399 /month

Advanced package with extended functionality

  • Online File Storage
  • Advanced Reporting Dashboard
  • Advanced Certificate Management with Labels and Samples
  • Full Regulatory Database Access
  • Default Notification Mails
  • 2FA (2-Factor Auth)
  • Simple Sharing Functionality
  • Limited Export Functionality
  • Limited Support
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€999 /month

Premium package with enterprise functionality

  • Online File Storage
  • Advanced Reporting Dashboard
  • Advanced Certificate Management with Labels and Samples
  • Full Regulatory Database Access
  • Custom Notification Mails
  • 2FA (2-Factor Auth)
  • Advanced Sharing Functionality via Access Right Module
  • Custom Export Functionality
  • Priority Support
  • Personal Features Requests
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Screenshot TAMSys Dashboard

The Overview

TAMSys® Dashboard

The TAMSys® dashboard is the first thing you see after logging in. Track both ongoing and completed certifications. Get status updates on ongoing projects, see exactly which certifications are about to expire, and more.

Customize your experience with a variety of options.

Screenshot Standards with robotic arm

TAMSys® thinks ahead!

Keep track of the status of your declarations of conformity by linking them to the corresponding harmonised standards.

In case of changes due to withdrawal of standards or publication of a successor version, TAMSys® will inform you immediately. The validity or withdrawal of a harmonised EU standard may determine whether or not your product is approved for the EU market.

EU declarations of conformity do not have an expiry date, but they implicitly expire when a standard mentioned is withdrawn as a harmonised standard. In order to keep track of such a implicit expiry, TAMSys® allows you to link your declaration of conformity to a set of harmonised standards. Our background list of harmonised standards is constantly updated, allowing you to focus on your business and leave the notifications for upcoming expiration dates to TAMSys®.

Screenshot Certificate Status


Structured to your Needs

The pie chart "Certificates' Statuses" shows the number of approved certificates, the number of initial certifications and the number of certificates needing your attention, for example because the expiry date is imminent.

"Updating Certificates" lists all certificates that are currently in progress. The progress bar illustrates the status, accompanied by the name of the responsible body. Clicking on the magnifying glass leads to the complete history of status updates.

Latest Status-Messages“ shows the latest status messages of each certification. The direct contact information of your personal contact person at IB-Lenhardt AG as well as regulatory news complete the dashboard.

Screenshot Cert-DB


Manage Products, Certificates and Related Documents

The Product Summary briefly lists the overall status of product approvals and compliance in real time, including the number of certificates assigned. A green star means the product is currently certified. Ongoing certifications are marked accordingly. Products marked with a yellow star call for your attention.

The Cert-DB enables the immediate sharing of product data as well as certificates with interested parties like stakeholders, colleagues or other third parties via e-mail. Clicking on the product name leads directly to an overview of existing certificates and outstanding renewals in all relevant countries as well as countries, where the market entry is being planned.

This list grants you direct access to product specifications, document requirements, labels and conformity marks and, of course, the individual certificates.

Screenshot Countries List


Country-specific Regulations One Click Away

The country overview is the start of the regulatory database, from which you have access to all essential information for international type approval and homologation of your products.

Screenshot Labels

High-quality Labels

Ready to Print

TAMSys® customers appreciate the high quality of the TAMSys® label database, including relevant marking and label information for all countries. Check out quickly which label or statement is required on the device, in the user manual or on the packaging or if e-labeling is required.

Create label information documents directly from TAMSys® and download high-quality prepress ready labels in Scalable Vector Graphic Format.

Screenshot Project List


Project Management Simplified

The projects overview shows all open and closed projects. Clicking on a project leads you to a list of certificates for each country, enabeling you to quickly get an impression on the current status as well as start dates and estimated end dates.

IB-Lenhardt AG actively supports the project tracking: the Todo list notifies you about missing documents and other information required in order to successfully obtain a certificate.

Larger teams benefit from our export tool, generating an Excel spreadsheet with an overview of open To Do's.

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Digitize - Structure - Optimize: The online type approval management system TAMSys® offers you fast, convenient and secure access to all relevant information relating to comprehensive certification.

The integrity of your applicants and your own data is our top priority. TAMSys® uses only "state-of-the-art" web technologies protected by the latest security procedures.

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