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IFT in Mexico opens public consultation for the 57–64 GHz band

, 08.04.2021

The Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones (IFT) has opened a public consultation for the 57–64 GHz frequency band. Comments may be submitted to IFT until 20 April 2021 via mail to planeacion.espectro@ift.org.mx.

Subject to this public consultation is the amendment of the technical conditions for motion sensors as well as the management of efficient use of the radioelectric spectrum in the 57–64 GHz band.

Furthermore, IFT would like to increase the harmonization in the use of the radio electric spectrum for motion sensors in this band and encourage technological modernization in the country by granting access to the spectrum for testing and examination of new apparatus or technologies.

By this public consultation, IFT would like to encourage competition for the 57–64 GHz band for further development.


Source: http://www.ift.org.mx/industria/consultas-publicas/acuerdo-mediante-el-cual-el-pleno-del-ift-actualiza-el-acuerdo-mediante-el-cual-el-pleno-del

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