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  • BrazilANATEL publishes new Act 77

    The Brazilian authority ANATEL published the new Act 77 on 5th January, 2021, which will come into force on 4th July, 2021. This act is applicable to all terminal devices with connection to internet and telecommunications network infrastructure equipment. From then on, the applicant will have to provide a declaration letter to the authority, which contains the following information:

    1. Indicating that the product was developed in compliance with the principle of security by design;
    2. relating to which requirements of this document the equipment and its supplier meet at that moment; and
    3. recognizing that they are aware that cybersecurity requirements are subject to updates, including regulatory and administrative ones, in line with technological development, with the emergence of new threats or vulnerabilities.

    Downloadlink Act n° 77 (English version)

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