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  • AzerbaijanEMC Certification Body accredited by AZAK

    According to Resolution No 175 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated August 21, 1998, all types of telecommunications equipment and devices (both as a complete set and as a communication module) imported to the territory of the Republic, sold for sale and operation, must be certified in accordance with the requirements of the interconnected telecommunications network. It is the manufacturer’s duty to ensure that the technical level and quality indicators of products, as well as electromagnetic compatibility, meet the standards throughout the country.

    In accordance with the amendment No. 608-VQD dated April 14, 2017 made to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan , certificates of conformity are issued by accredited bodies. Since there was no EMC compliance assessment body before December 2020, EMC standards were also reflected in AZS certificates by AZS certification bodies. However, on 02 December 2020, a certification body was empowered by the Azerbaijan Accreditation center (AZAK) to conduct certification for compliance with EMC standards and reflect the relevant EMC standards in these certificates.

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    Official link to Resolution No 175:

    Official link to Amendment No. 608-VQD:

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