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  • GeneralIBL-Lab GmbH accreditation: FCC Recognition

    This part concludes our series about our test laboratory’s FCC (U.S. Federal Communications Commission) acccreditation (see FCC Accredited Labs - FCC Testing Laboratories (

    We are happy to announce that in January 2021, the accreditation was finalized by the FCC-recognized accreditation body in Germany, BNetzA (Bundesnetzagentur) under FCC Registration Number 560171.

    Tests in our FCC-accredited lab include conformity measurements according to regulatory requirements in the U.S. as summarized in IBL-Lab’s DAkkS certificate annex D-PL-21375-01-03e (, PDF): Electromagnetic Compatibility and Telecommunication.

    Together with the recent recognition by the FCC, the laboratories of IBL-Lab GmbH have a comprehensive portfolio of testing services with accredited test and laboratory facilities. These services, together with the certification services of KL-Certification GmbH, support the worldwide approvals of radio products initiated by IB-Lenhardt AG on behalf of their customers.

    Use the transparent overview of your projects online with our unique Type Approval Management System TAMSys®, developed 100% in-house. Benefit from the noticeable acceleration of the international market access of your products through the time and content-coordinated service package of the IB-Lenhardt Group—now including accredited testing, type approval and certification services.

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