ANFR informs about the extension of the specific absorption rate

, 2020-07-02

From July 1, 2020, all radio equipment devices emitting more than 20 mW which are intended to be used near the human body, are obligated to display SAR.

Herewith included are phones, tablets, certain connected watches and wireless headsets.

The measurement of SAR has been required before, but the display obligation previously only applied to mobile phone devices.

The mentioned SAR values must be indicated in the accompanying documents whose market placement is later than July 1 as well as at points of sale, in the immediate vicinity of the device. The restraint also applies in the case of free disposal and in all advertising.

As part their measures to control public exposure to electromagnetic waves, verifications will be carried out by the National Agency of Frequencies (ANFR) from July 2020 to ensure compliance with these new arrangement.

Official Source: Agence Nationale des Fréquences

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