IBLAG strategically aligns BM with UN sustainable goals

, 2020-09-10

IB-Lenhardt AG is strategically aligning its Business model with the UN sustainable goals for 2030

TRC Jordan signed a cooperation agreement with the IB-LENHARDT AG, on the Jordanian side, the agreement was signed by the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Dr. Eng. Ghazi Jabour, and on the German side, the IB-Lenhardt AG CEO Mr. Daniel Lenhardt, from the Saarland Staatkanzlei Mr. Arno Kurtenaker attended the virtual signature ceremony on 9/1/2020, in the presence of the concerned parties from both sides.

The agreement provides TRC access and use of  (TAMSys E-Gov) that will automate all TRC type approval procedures and certification.

IB-Lenhardt AG has proven record of experience in the type approval and homologation industry and has participated in many international ITU events and conferences. Thanks to its professional team IB-Lenhardt AG earned the legitimacy to be selected by the TRC for this strategic sustainable oriented project.

IB-Lenhardt AG during its many years of experience has developed its own software TAMSys which is currently used worldwide by many TIER1 Suppliers and OEMs. Recently, the new product TAMSys E-Gov is available for authorities to use, which will allow authorities to benefit from IB-Lenhardt AG's experience in the field on a multi-dimensional level that covers and limited to regulatory revision, update and compatibility with other international standards of the G8 and G5 countries, it also help the authorities to be updated with current development initiatives in the technologies that is led by the private sector. Our know how, networking and international presence and involvement allows us to predict the next technological trend goals and requirements, for this many authorities worldwide consult our company regarding new technologies, procedures and changes in the processes.

IB-Lenhardt AG's strategical shift toward a Business Model that fits with UN sustainable goals for 2030 is demonstrated by this valuable and important agreement with TRC Jordan, this will allow the authority to increase its efficiency, transparency and it will be of high benefit to maintain stakeholders' health and safety, as this online solution will help to improve the social distancing without affecting the process workflow. It is a proven tool to support maintaining economical activities running during pandemic times, our company has proven that the business can grow even with COVID-19 hard times.

Next step will be to work very closely with TRC Jordan in order to tailor the current system in accordance to their needs.

Thanks to TRC Jordan for this pilot initiative to work hand in hand with the private sector to offer equally better service to the community.
Below link is to the official news on the agreement from TRC:


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