New Circular 18/2018/TT-BTTT

, 2019-02-05

The vietnam Authority (Ministry of Inofmation and Cummunication - MIC) has recently  released the Circular 15/2018/TT-BTTTT and came in force on 01/01/2019

The main changes are:

1. MIC officially confirms that ADoC for imported product is now aborted. ADoC can be only issued for domestic manufactured products

2. ICT Mark is still official conformity mark for products under management scope of MIC Vietnam. CODE application and ICT mark registration is still required

3. MIC introduces definition of authorized local representative of oversea manufacturer. Type Approval certificate and local test reports issue under name of authorized local representative of oversea manufacturer will be valid for any importers in importation, customs clearance, and PQIR for imported products.

4. Test reports will be permanent valid for MIC application.

5. Type Approval certificate will not be invalid when new technical standard(s) enter in effect.

6. Lead time to issue Type Approval certificate is shortened from 10 working days down to 7 working days

7. New application forms introduced, requirement on application documents now a bit simplified.

8. Validity of ADoC for domestic manufactured products is bound to validity of Type Approval certificate (for product which is required for both Type Approval and Declaration of Conformity) or 3 years (for products which is required for Declaration of Conformity only).

9. ADoC which has been issued (before 10 August 2018) will be still be valid when this Circular enter in effect. (permanent validity)