New Resolution permits the use of the 918 – 928 MHz

, 2020-07-16

The Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (CONATEL) issued Resolución 1269/2020 permitting the use of 918-928 MHz frequency range for RFID; SRD and LPWAN equipment. Currently, it is still unclear when the resolution will come into force. We will keep you updated.

Important: The technical parameters of such devices using this frequency band must be configured according to the limitations established in the Regulation:


ERP Power Antenna Beam Width
≤ 1 W No restrictions
1 W ≤ 2 W ≤ 180 °
2 W ≤ 4 W ≤ 90 °

For SRD and LPWAN:

Transmission Type ERP Power Harmonics
Frequency hopping 2 W 20 dB below the highest-level point, in any 100 kHz bandwidth
Digital modulation 2 W 20 dB below the highest-level point, in any 100 kHz bandwidth

50 mV/m

(-1.23 dBm)

500 µV/m (-41.23 dBm)


The maximum bandwidth should not exeed 500 kHz for RFID and 250 kHz for LPWAN. The number of channels is not limited as long as the channels stay within the allowed frequency range and the maximum bandwith is considered. 

Devices operating in this frequency range will require a label on the product or a statement in the user manual, as  follows:

“En Paraguay, este equipo deberá ser configurado para operar con las limitaciones establecidas en la norma Técnica NTC-RF-918:2020 de la CONATEL”.

Source: Official resolution (Spanish only)