PNG publishes a notice

Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
, 2019-07-11

NICTA *The National Information & Communications Technology Authority* of Papua New Guinea made an announcement with respect to the type approval of ICT equipment. 

It targets importers, distributors, and vendors of telecommunication, radio communication, and broadcasting equipment. 

NICTA centers special attention to the fact that equipment must pass the type approval procedure prior to its marketing in Papua New Guinea. 

The process is required to confirm that the equipment meets minimum regulatory and technical requirements. The type approval procedure reviews the following:

  • absence of interference in public communication networks

  • interfacing between customer equipment and ICT networks and interconnection between the networks

  • correspondence to national and international standards recognized by NICTA

  • safety aspects regarding the emissions from radio devices

That strengthens the post-market surveillance and decreases the number of unsafe products on the market. 

Pursuant to the MOU signed with the PNG Customs, importers must provide a NICTA-issued Type Approval Certificate and shipment documentation to PNG Customs for customs clearance purposes. 

Source: IBLAG local partner

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