Simplified Labelling with EAC Mark

New strategic decision on simplifying the procedure of product labelling.

The Council of the Eurasian Economic Сommision has newly come to a strategic decision on simplifying the procedure of product labelling with the EAC mark and further marks covering information on expiry date, manufacturer etc.

The marks may be labelled on the product after successful customs clearance procedure and importation of a product to the territory of the EAEU states. However, the products are to be labelled before selling to the consumer.

The simplified procedure regarding labelling of products imported to the EAEU can be applied until 1 September 2023. The relevant resolution was made in accordance with the implementation of measures aimed at improvement of sustainability of the EAEU economies (Decree of the EAEU Commission No. 12 dated from 17 March 2022).

The official document which regulates the issue with marking has not been published yet.

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