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Type Approval in the Republic of Tajikistan is regulated by TajikStandart, Agency for Standardisation, Metrology, Certification and Trade Inspection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan (Dushanbe) which also manages the process of issuing certificates by a designated Certification Body (CB). The conformity assessment procedure in Tajikistan refers to the European (EU) conformity standards in order to secure smooth market access for any manufacturer. We are supported by a local certification body which examines the submitted documents and issues a certificate of conformity directly. We professionally assist our customers with evaluation and collection of mandatory documents which are to be submitted to a certification body for the conformity assessment procedure. After successful examination of the application, a certificate of conformity, which has unlimited validity, is issued by a certification body of our trust. Besides, there are no additional requirements for product marking, or labeling. If you have any questions concerning conformity regulations of Tajikistan, the IB-Lenhardt AG team will be pleased to assist you with the homologation procedure. Get in touch with us.


Certificate example file for Tajikistan
Certificate example Tajikistan
Validity Period of Certification
12 Months
Average lead time for radio type approval
4 Weeks
Certificate example (pdf, 635.73K)

Approval for Radio Equipment

Certification Process for Tajikistan

01Preparing and reviewing all required documents for the application
02Submit the application to the authortiy in Tajikistan
03Technical review by certification team at authority
04Certificate of conformity is issued
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Country Information

General Information about Tajikistan

Country calling Code
Country Code ISO 3166-2
Country Code ISO 3166-3
Alternate Country Names
Toçikiston, Republic of Tajikistan, Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон, Çumhuriyi Toçikiston, Tadschikistan, Tadjikistan, Tađikistan, Tagikistan, Tayikistán, Таджикистан, タジキスタン, Tadzjikistan, 타지키스탄

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Your personal type approval specialist and authorities for Tajikistan

  • A. Wiedenkofer


    Sales Manager Testing and Certification

    +49 6894 38938-0
  • Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan


    Competent authority for Tajikistan

  • Ministry of Transport of Republic of Tajikistan (mintrans)

    Competent authority for Tajikistan

  • Агентство по стандартизации, метрологии, сертификации и торговой инспекции при Правительстве РТ


    Competent authority for Tajikistan

Product Scope

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Radar 24 GHz, 64 GHz, 77 GHz, 79 GHz, UWB

Radio key 315 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz

Keyless Go 125 kHz, 13,56 MHz

Tire pressure sensors 125 kHz, 315 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz

Entertainment 2,4 GHz


Radar 64 GHz, Tank Level, Position radar

Wireless-M-Bus 315 MHz, 433 MHz, 868 MHz

Wireless-CAN-Bus 2.4 GHz

RFID + NFC 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, 868 MHz

UWB Devices 24 GHz, 60 GHz, 79 GHz


WirelessHD 60 GHz

WLAN 2.4GHz, 3 GHz, 5 GHz, 10 GHz

Bluetooth 2.4 GHz

Zigbee 868 MHz, 2.4 GHz

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