ANATEL released a public consultation on the update of Act 3481

, 2021-09-21

ANATEL released the public consultation on the update of Act 3481 (Technical requirements and test procedures for the conformity assessment of chargers used in mobile phones).

The main features and amendments of the Act are:

  1. Vehicular chargers – ESD testing must be done according to ISO 10605/2008, not IEC 61000-4-2 as previously (see item 6.1)
  2. Mint label for vehicular chargers installed inside the car panel will be voluntary (see item 9.1.1). Alternatively, the manufacturer can omit the mint label and label the charger with the ANATEL ID instead.  
  3. ESD (ISO 10605) and Electrical transient (ISO 7637-2) testing exclusively for USB type vehicular charger installed in the car panel or other parts of the vehicle can be done in a 1st part or 2nd part laboratory (see item 10.4). 

Comments and suggestions may be submitted until 7 November 2021.

The release date of the final version is still unknown. 

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