Approval Delays in Vietnam to be expected

, 2023-08-29
An update on testing requirements in Vietnam may result in type approval delays. Test reports for extreme condition testing are required.

Due to the new Circular 04/2023TT-BTTTT, which has superseded the previous Circular 02/2022TT-BTTTT and its guidance letter no. 2361, a corresponding new guidance letter, supporting the new regulation might be introduced.
The most important aspect within a possible upcoming guidance letter is the possible mandatory requirement for local extreme condition testing. This has been previously voluntary within letter no. 2361.
Awaiting a new guidance letter, certification centers within Vietnam will thus far only approve applications with complete test reports. The certification centers in Vietnam presently state that requirements will be normal, as well as extreme condition testing performed locally in Vietnam.

To ensure predictability, IB-Lenhardt AG recommends to now apply for extreme condition testing. Overall, two samples will be required for the process. Duo to this change, delays in the type approval process in Vietnam are to be expected.

These requirements do not affect Radar projects, as they are not affected by type approval certification.