Armenian Market Access

, 2019-07-25

Armenia is a member of the EAEU (currently a total of 5 countries - Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan), nevertheless, apart from the EAEU technical regulations of the Customs Union there is a NATIONAL conformity assessment procedure which is based on the Decree N°2228 on the technical regulations of Radio and Telecommunications devices.

The following devices are included for mandatory certification:

  • fax units
  • digital computing machines with a mass not exceeding 10kg and consisting a central processing unit, a keyboard, and a display
  • other computers
  • wireless handsets, cell phones, etc.
  • other phone equipment
  • base stations
  • machines for receiving, converting and transmitting or restoring voice, or other data including switching devices and routers
  • portable receivers for receiving call signals or messages and other devices
  • telephone answering systems
  • transmission devices as well as receivers-transmitter equipment
  • radio remote control equipment
  • analog and digital reading systems and other equipment

Certificates are issued for 1 year.

National marking/labeling information is available at IBLAG.