Bluetooth Core Specification Version 5.2 released


Feature Overview (3/3)

LE Isochronous Channels

This feature, which was primarily designed to support LE Audio, the next generation of Bluetooth audio, allows the communication of time-bound data to one or more devices for time-synchronized processing. It can be used over connections or be broadcast to an unlimited number of devices in a connectionless fashion. 

New use cases and topologies are made possible by LE Isochronous Channels. An audio source can transmit audio for synchronized playback by small, private groups of devices (personal audio sharing) or to large collections of devices of unlimited sizes in public spaces, such as cinemas. 

LE Audio, built on top of the new LE Isochronous Channels, will offer a new standard for hearing aids and support assisted hearing systems in diverse locations, such as theaters, conferences, lecture halls, and airports.