CE Marking Accepted (for EMC and R&TTE)

, 2012-08-15

As of 2013-01-01, Montenegro's Ministry of Telecommunication and Information Society will accept CE marked products for EMC and R&TTE.

This new regulation (Official Gazette, No. 53/11) was published in the Montenegrian language on 2012-06-22. It will allow for products bearing the CE Mark to be imported into Montenegro without further Type Approval.

Additional requirements are as follows: The manufacturer or dealer in Montenegro must

  • affix the CE mark to the device,
  • provide the User Manual in the Montenegrin language,
  • provide information on equipment specifications, information on the types of interfaces on which the equipment can be connected,
  • provide a warning about possible limits the use of radio equipment and / or the need to obtain required permission for the use of radio frequency spectrum and
  • provide a signed Declaration of Conformity (DoC) with essential requirements. In particular, the DoC must provide
    1. information about the device to which it relates, provided for in Article 11 paragraph 4 of the Ordinance;
    2. name and address of the manufacturer and the name and address of its agent;
    3. a list of standards which the equipment has been tested to;
    4. the DoC date of issuance;
    5. name and signature of the person authorized by the manufacturer, his authorized representative or the person responsible for placing the equipment on the market.

If the R&TTE equipment falls outside of a EU-harmonized radio frequency range or is not in accordance with the frequency spectrum plan, the supplier must provide notification to the Ministry at least 30 days before placing the equipment on the market.

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