Cellular Devices - New Regulation

, 2012-10-11

The Ministry of Communications (MoC) has implemented new regulations for cellular apparatus.
It covers cellphones, smartphones and products with cellular ability. These regulations are in force starting 2012-09-29 and feature the below:

  • The CE mark has to appear on the device;
  • Battery-powered cellular equipment must comply with UL1642;
  • Importers must confirm that the product fulfills the Israeli MoC regulations;
  • Product details and statement of compliance need to be presented to the MoC, The latter then issues a document showing the model numbers of all cellular equipment that the importer may import;
  • A certificate of encryption issued by the Israeli MoD (Ministry of Defense) is required.


Please take further notice:

  • The cellular devices sold with power supply must be certified by the Standards Institute of Israel (SII) for safety and EMC & energy in standby (off mode).