Decree No. 270 on Specificity of Conformity Assessment

, 2022-05-12

On May, 5th 2022, the Government of the Republic of Belarus published its Resolution No. 270 dated from April, 29th 2022 on specificities of conformity assessment and type approval processes.

According to the paragraph No. 2, the Government of the Republic of Belarus decrees that the validity of conformity certificates and declarations (further - CoC and DoC) will be extended for a period of 12 months in case the expiry date of a CoC/DoC falls between May, 6th 2022 and September, 1st 2022. Additionally, manufacturers and importers are not expected to provide documents on conformity assessment in case they import either spare parts for repairs or component parts for products and machines manufactured in the Republic of Belarus.

The Decree should have entered into forcee on May, 6th 2022 and is valid until December, 31st 2023.

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