New Technical Regulations

, 2018-09-20

The Technical Regulations of the Republic of Belarus - "Telecommunication facilities. Security »TR 2018/024/BY will come into effect on 2019-01-01: They establish binding safety requirements for telecommunication facilities and contain schemes for confirming compliance.

The Ministry of Communications and Informatization, in agreement with the State Standardization Committee, will approve and ensure continuous updating thestandards interconnected with TR 2018/024 / BY, as a result of which voluntary compliance with the requirements of this technical regulation is ensured. In this context, product testing and marking of the equipment with the sign of conformity TRBy will be required for both declaration of conformity and certification. The certification will be subjected to a periodic assessment by the belorussian certification bodies.

Current declarations and certificates of conformity remain valid until their expiry and the equipments do not need to be marked with a sign of compliance with the technical regulations of the Republic of Belarus.

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