Future use of the 28 GHz band and Review of RALI FX3 38 GHz

, 2019-10-17
On 25th of September, ACMA - Australian Communication and Media Authority - has published the outcome of the future use of the 28 GHz band and review of the RALI FX 3 in the 38 GHz band consultation processes.

Future use of 28Ghz band:

The Australian ACMA authority has concluded its review of the 28 GHz band with the release of its Future use of the 28 GHz band: Planning decisions and preliminary views outcome paper. This paper details planning decisions ACMA has made for the 28 GHz band.

In addition, it contains preliminary views formed on the associated licensing and technical conditions that will subsequently be developed.

The release of this paper signals the progression of the 25 GHz band to the "re-planning" phase of the ACMA's planning process. We will shortly commence work towards implementing the new arrangement in the 28 GHz band.

Review of RALI FX3 in the 38 GHz band:

ACMA has concluded its review of channel arrangements for fixed point-to-point links in the 38 GHz band. Details of planning decisions made are in the Review of point-to-point arrangements in the 38 GHz band decisions paper. The outcome of this consultations have been included in an update to RALI FX3.