ICTA Opens 6 GHz Band for WAS/RLAN

, 2022-08-09
On August 4, 2022, Information & Communication Technologies Authority of Mauritius (ICTA) published its decision No. ICTA/DEC/01/22 on allocation of additional spectrum in the 5945–6425 MHz frequency band for Broadband Wireless Access (WAS)

The authority determines as follows:

  1. The 5945-6425 MHz frequency range is accessible for WAS/RLAN:

    • INDOOR LOW POWER (ILP) equipment restricted to indoor use only. Outdoor usage of ILP-devices (incl. road vehicles) is not authorised.

    • VERY LOW POWER (VLP) equipment for both indoor and outdoor use (apart from fixed outdoor use). Usage of VLP-devices on radio-controlled models is proscribed.

  2. The 5925-6425 MHz frequency range is to be used by WAS/RLAN devices on a non-exclusive, non-interference and non-protected basis.

  3. WAS/RLAN equipment is to comply with the technical conditions and standardisation requirements mentioned in the annex to the paper.

More detailed information can be found under the link.

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