New General User Radio License for Short Range Devices

New Zealand
New Zealand
, 2020-11-24

On 6 November 2020, a new General User Radio License for Short Range Devices (GURL for Short Range devices) came into force by being published in the official Gazette of New Zealand.

In comparison to the 2019 version, the following amendments were made:
- the use of the frequencies 0.1485 – 30 MHz for wireless power transfer systems and induction loop systems for the detection of foreign objections has been regulated
- a new provision for the use of the frequency range 1785 – 1805 MHz for wireless microphone, in-ear monitor, or wireless audio transmitter devices 
- in order to implement WRC-19 Resolution 229: amendments to regulation of wireless LAN outdoor use of 5150 – 5350 MHz devices with a power level up to 0 dBW were made

- the use of 13.553 – 13.567 MHz RFID transmitters has been regulated


Source: Link to the official Gazette