Removal of RF Type Approval Requirements for Simple Radio Products

, 2017-03-05

A Free Import Regulation letter from the Israel’s Ministry of Communications (MoC), dated 2017-01-21, informs that they will no longer issue Type Approval certificates for simple wireless devices.

Following equipments will be exempt from Type Approval:

  1. Equipment ONLY operating with Bluetooth (BT) technology;
  2. Equipment ONLY including a receptor for satellite broadcasting to determine geographical location (i. e. GPS or GLONASS);
  3. Equipment ONLY operating both technologies listed in (1) and (2)

However, Type Approval by MoC will still be required if a device contains Bluetooth/GPS or GLONASS receiver technology along with any other wireless technology, such as WLAN.

EMC and Safety Approval from the Standards Institute of Israel (SII) remain unaffected from this change of policy which only applies to radio regulations, and should be obtained like in the past.